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‘Ring trip v2.0

Ok, sorry for my delay in posting these pics. Its been a busy two weeks for me. So here goes…

The closer I got to the ‘Ring the worse the fog got. It was a miserable day at the ‘Ring. Dam cold (+3’C ) and VERY foggy!

Nice curvy roads of the Eifel region…

You know you are on a good twisty road when they have extra guard rails for the bikers WHEN they fall off their bikes! (see lower railing!)

As I got closer and closer to the ‘Ring, this is what greeted me!

And a little pose next to the Frozen Grey M3…

Rikx135 (Rick), Dackelone (me), and Sylon (Allan)

And… Rikx ingenuous in-car hidden ‘Ring camera!

The camera/recorder…


Lipstick camera… (OE grill modified & painted black to match performance grill on left)

I posting the rest of my photos on my previous ‘Ring writeup Grüne Hölle Musuem und Ring.... here…