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Originally Posted by lavman View Post
for what it's worth i'm just going to post a comment on the comments about jlevi.

i've ordered from them a few times and spoken to nick each time. i've also spoken to cal a couple of times. i haven't gotten leds; i got splitters, a shifter knob, and sport springs. (in fact, my last contact with jlevi was today, about four hours before i first saw this thread.)

i'm writing to say that i've always found them to be really knowledgeable and helpful. actually nick, especially, has always gone above and beyond to educate me and frankly, i'm sure he's got better things to do than help guide me. to me, it's not surprising that he spent a lot of time responding to the posts here. he/they are not people who don't give a crap. my experience is limited but it's been on multiple orders and without nick even remembering that he'd ever spoken to me previously.

before you all condemn them, consider that sometimes there are misunderstandings. their intentions have always been good in my dealings.

thanks all.

This is a good outlook to have when you've had good experiences... however, I've had issues with every order, and I've read the many posts (and researched many older ones) to make a decent assessment. I still stand by my assessments.

I will say that Nick tries his best to fix the issues... but maybe he's really the only hard-working guy there? Or maybe there's a lack of communication or cohesion with the team? Either way, I don't find Nick a problem and I know he has to provide cover for his employer no matter what the circumstance.

In any case, I won't buy anything from them anymore because of the mess I've been put through and that I had to sort out on every single order.

I'm still in the process of trying to fix my domelight/spotbeam light ceiling LEDs now (I've researched other posts and others are having the same exact issues as I), but my job can be exhausting with long hours each day, so I just don't have the energy or patience or time to deal with it all.