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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
After doing some research I'm leaning towards the HPF FMIC but I'm hanging out for the matching HPF charge pipe they hope to release by December. Anyways, I've noticed you have the HPF FMIC so what are your honest thoughts on it? What power gains, if any did you notice? Is it a noticeable pull, like adding a tune? What were your mods before you put the FMIC on and what were your before and after temps? If you could do it all over again would you choose the HPF? My main reason for doing this mod is to keep the temps down in my car because 104+ degrees F here all the time throughout summer and I don't want to think twice about putting my foot down. I also plan to remove the plastic grill so it's on display too.
what's up man,
i have no regrets going for the hpf intercooler. it's probably the best on the market if you look at the specs. flow and pressure drop are equally important in an intercooler as IAT reduction.

i wouldn't wait for the charge pipe unless you really want to. you can add on the charge pipe down the road at any time.

as far as performance, it's not as noticeable as a tune. what an intercooler does offer is performance you can feel throughout the rpm range, especially at the upper end of the rpm range, after a few shifts. if you've ever ripped on your car for a while and noticed that it gets slower, it does.

IAT decay happens when the charge air temp. rises to a certain level. the car is programmed to pull back on boost and timing in order to keep things kosher. an upgraded intercooler doesn't heat soak like the stock intercooler does, so after 15 mins of beating on my car non-stop, it still feels as powerful as the first WOT pull.