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Originally Posted by bryce View Post
what's up man,
i have no regrets going for the hpf intercooler. it's probably the best on the market if you look at the specs. flow and pressure drop are equally important in an intercooler as IAT reduction.

i wouldn't wait for the charge pipe unless you really want to. you can add on the charge pipe down the road at any time.

as far as performance, it's not as noticeable as a tune. what an intercooler does offer is performance you can feel throughout the rpm range, especially at the upper end of the rpm range, after a few shifts. if you've ever ripped on your car for a while and noticed that it gets slower, it does.

IAT decay happens when the charge air temp. rises to a certain level. the car is programmed to pull back on boost and timing in order to keep things kosher. an upgraded intercooler doesn't heat soak like the stock intercooler does, so after 15 mins of beating on my car non-stop, it still feels as powerful as the first WOT pull.
Cheers, I'm familiar with how the fmic works but I wasn't sure how effective it was on our cars and if it was worth prioritising over other mods. Have you been able to dyno any of your gains from the fmic? If not, what's your butt dyno tell you? 1-2 cars lengths in gains on a roll? I've noticed the aftermarket fmic's weight a fair bit more because they are nearly double in size. Do you feel the extra weight or do the gains balance out the weight?

I would love to jump on the HPF FMIC now but funds are tight and I'm hoping there will be an incentive to get the package deal if I purchase it with the charge pipe and blow-off valve when it becomes available.