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Originally Posted by timhatimay View Post
If the time traveler is from the future and he is discovered from this youtube video, wouldn't he have come to our time to stop the youtube video from being made!

Why would he though? It would just be another risk to take. Plus, this is just another one of the "Nessy" videos that will leave people wondering. Now, if one was able zoom in and see that he was wearing Nike socks...well, that would be another situation all together. I like to keep an open mind because history has shown that just about anything we can imagine can be done once the technology catches up. Gene Roddenberry with his "Star Trek" style communicators for instance...George Lucas with "ion" engines"...etc. If you were to go back in time just 100 years ago and show someone, who might be riding a horse, a photo of Niel Armstrong on the moon and you told them that it was only going to be another 59 more years before that happens they would call you insane. We are progressing so fast now that the growth of our potential has become exponential.

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