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Originally Posted by Mikeshot1 View Post
Hey, are the turbos the same size and what are their specs? For example my STi had an aftermarket turbo that had a 49lb wheel for intake side and 8cm on the exhaust side.
A co-worker told me that only one comes on with the other to follow which would make me believe it's larger for higher rpms?
both turbo's are the same size. if i remember correctly, they're k03's. you can find a spec sheet for the turbos over on e90post. it's pretty technical but it gives you an idea what the turbo's are rated for and their peak efficiency. they are not a sequential setup like your co-worker is talking about, they're the exact same. one turbo for 3 cylinders each.

Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Cheers, I'm familiar with how the fmic works but I wasn't sure how effective it was on our cars and if it was worth prioritising over other mods. Have you been able to dyno any of your gains from the fmic? If not, what's your butt dyno tell you? 1-2 cars lengths in gains on a roll? I've noticed the aftermarket fmic's weight a fair bit more because they are nearly double in size. Do you feel the extra weight or do the gains balance out the weight?

I would love to jump on the HPF FMIC now but funds are tight and I'm hoping there will be an incentive to get the package deal if I purchase it with the charge pipe and blow-off valve when it becomes available.
i wouldn't say 1-2 cars, but it's noticebale. the biggest gains come in consistent performance, where teh aftermarket intercooler doesn't heat soak and keeps IAT's cool enough to avoid as much IAT decay.

as far as the weight, i look at that as a good thing. the heavier the intercooler, the more heat it can dissapate. there may be a package deal for the hpf intercooler and charge pipe, who knows. i live in texas, and it gets very hot and humid here. i was happy to improve the cooling capacity of the engine and allow for more consistant power.

it should be noted that an oil catch can should be installed when you do the intercooler. oil blow by can coat your charge pipe and intercooler with oil, lessening the efficiency. i went with the ar design catch can, great buy IMO