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Thanks for a helpful write up. I took some photos too. Just did my first oil change. Was so busy this summer/fall, that I put 3300 miles on the car before getting to do this. I have to say, the N52 engine is the absolute easiest oil change of any car I have owned. Clearly, much thought went into this. Standard 27 ad 17mm sockets are all you need to get the job done, with some rags and of course a way to recover the used oil. I put the car on ramps, drain the oil into a social pan and then drain the pan into a large Tide plastic container. Makes it easy to drop off at a recycling center or your local gas station.

Changing the filter took only a few seconds, most of the time was spent wiping then holder and replacing the two washers. Seven quarts went in as specified. Now I just need to drive around a little to make sure all is well and run the check oil function on the dash.

Thanks again!