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Originally Posted by onlyar18 View Post

are you buying from birchwood big foot??? if you are, which salesman are you dealing with??? thats pretty good milage for a 08. We need more 135i in winnipeg.

I wanted the coral red so bad, but cheaped out.

Dont be in too much of a rush, you need dry roads to truly enjoy this car
I'm buying it from waverley Mitsubishi, it's a bc car. I had BMW do the pre purchase inspection on it though, and it's sitting there now waiting for the lights lol.

I'm fine with not many people having one and it being rare, although a larger community would be nice. Do any of you guys have anything done on your cars? I've been looking at mods for next year, I'd lime to get jb3, tint, and exhaust to start. Not going to do too much visually probably because I like the sleeper look.

Yeah I was really happy with the milage and condition of the car. I would have loved a white one but black with red interior is pretty sharp to.

Haha if I had gotten it two weeks ago I would have had dry roads. I already have winter tires and rims on order for it though so I can drive it even if it is only ready in 6 weeks.