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Originally Posted by onlyar18 View Post
My car is a BC car too.

That was a hugh factor for me why I choose the 135 over the 335 and the 370z, wrx, etc. There are very few 1ers in town. I would totally be down for meeting up next year . All I have done is a debadge of the 135i emblem and I have winter tires and rims, rest is stock. Gonna probably get some star spec tires in spring.

Let me know if you are going ahead and getting a JB3. I would really want to help/observe, haha. I am thinking about getting it too but I have the n55 engine so it will be slightly different.
I was looking at those cars to, I was sold on the sti for a long time. I out grew it though, wanted something I wouldn't b embarrassed to have my boss in. Also with their drop in price everyone seems to have one now.

Yeah I'd b down for a meet. I think they usually set up a euro meet on heights we could go to.

I think I'll b debadging to, see how the paint fade is and decide if I want to get the black emblems.

I'll let you know if I pick jb3 up, I always like some help when installing stuff. I had kpro for my RSX before and turned everything myself so I figure this will b a walk in the park... And a third of the cost... And 3 times the gains!