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Originally Posted by 11N55 View Post
Nobody covers their face that way, she had her hand over her ear and her hands very grasping something in a shape of a square/rectangle.

Your telling me that if people can time travel that they need radio towers to talk on phones? People have also said it looks like a Walkie Talkie, really?!?! A Walkie Talkie in 1928? Unfortunately that technology didn't come out until 1937!

My theory:

We the human race have become extinct and another race from the future visits planet earth or whatever remains of planet earth. This future species does not know about our past existence, they curious to find out what has happened to this/on this planet in the past. They start time traveling to research just that and by accident stumble upon this.

Also, look into this when you have time to kill: The ancient Pyramids and how they might have been used as power supplies it ties in with "Tesla's" theories and experiments.
Yes..ur theories are much more plausible then mine..what was i thinking...

Of course its another species that can time

Also, i suggested it was a TYPE of walkie talkie...not one he got from Sears you dolt...i said if he traveled in the past surely he would have some sort of communication device that wasnt dependent upon a server (like a walkie talkie)