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I think we will all meet up at 11am on Sunday Nov 28th, 2010.

Last time we all met at the Buttenheim park platz just off the autobahn. Its near where Levi Strause was born. They also make the Buttenheim Bier there. I will post the correct address - but this is close to it. Kellerstraße, 96155 Buttenheim Its just 10 kms South of Bamberg. Again I am not sure IF this will be where we will meet. Just giving you a pre-heads up for the location we used last time.

The guys at the 1er Forum are still hashing things out. They really want to make a video of all of us driving around the Franken counrty side. lol I hope we can gather a large number of us 1addicts and Americans. Rick you should come on up and put your video skills to good use!

I will be sure to update this thread as the date nears 7 for the starting meeting place.