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Originally Posted by AndyM View Post
I installed an auto dim mirror without homelink and followed the pdf instructions for installing a homelink mirror. I don’t know what the extra part is you are referring to, sorry.
Good to know, thanks. Are all the parts supplied in the retrofit kit used? I ask because the directions don't seem to reference everything in the kit.

EDIT: OK, I think I see what's going on with the kit. U.S. cars (at least early build ones) already have the mirror plug (A1) in the car so you only have to add additional wires to that plug, run them to the overhead console and plug them into their corresponding slots in the black 20-pin plug that's located inside the overhead console. Now my only question is, how about a wiring diagram of the mirror-side plug. The directions very clearly tell you where to put the wires on the other end of the harness (i.e., the overhead console side), but my retrofit kit has both ends of the wiring harness exposed and not installed in any plug housings so how am I supposed to know where those wires go in A1?

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