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Originally Posted by Kcc View Post
Yea, agree on the catless, but it smell really bad, and could have a pull over here in Canada if you drive a new car with black smoke coming out from your exhaust!

Nice detailed info tho. Keep it up!

I'm figuring on replacing the secondary cats with high flow, but bigger ones then stock so that they will still be effective, but at least a little better flowing.

i will be doing catless DPs though.

If your engine is quite warm, you really shouldn't have to worry about the emissions with a high flow secondary or even the stock secondary cats.

at least that's what i've heard.

and if they probe your exhaust to see if you have a cat, at least there will be something there if you leave the secondarys.

I ran catless on my subaru for a couple of years, the exhaust colour wasn't too bad. As far as the smell goes, it won't be as bad as an old muscle car, but not far off from it the one thing the police will notice is flames out the back without the cats installed. And with no cats and big power, you should expect a lot of flames.

Are the police still pushing the side of the road checks around markham? it seems to have died down pretty much to nothing around here. at least i don't hear about it anymore, but i try to avoid the standard tuner forums for the local towns.

oh, and one more thought.... catless and windows down, over time builds residue on your interior, so just be aware of more deep cleaning of the car. And maybe even your lungs......

but those are just side effects of power