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I just thought I would post here some photos of the German Castrol Edge RS 0W40 LL-4 oil that I use. I really do nit want to turn this trhead into an oil religion thing. I just wanted to put out there what I use.

For the first few oil changes I used Mobil-1's european blend 0W40 LL-1 oil (with the black label). But since I am living and driving in Germany... I realy ought to use a LL4 oil that will work with the low sulphur fuels sold over here. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to make a switch to G.C. (German Castrol).

I am really happy I switched over to German Castrol. My engine is MUCH quieter on cold starts now than it was on Mobil-1. I even saw a recent thread on the 1er forum with the guys there noticing the same thing.

I think its like what Castrol says... "Castrol Oil... is Liquid Engineering... more than just oil".

Here are some pics of what the G.C. oil looks like. I think IF i was back in the states I would only use the BMW Castrol oil. But I can find anyone who will send it over here to my APO. So I am happy using G.C. Btw... I pay "only" ten euros per liter. A five liter jug cost me fifty euros without any German tax! Not bad when you see what the Germans pay for oil! (with tax!)

German Castrol... Castrol Edge RS 0w40 LL-4

Bottle on RIGHT 0w40 Castrol RS Edge for BMWs LL-4