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Originally Posted by Artmasterx View Post
As far as the rotating issue goes, let's do a little math (seeing as you are a student). Assume tires have 10mm of wearable tread. If you have tires that nominally last 33k miles when on front (0.3mm per 1k), and 20k when in rear (0.5mm per 1k), we can look at two scenarios. Consider 100k miles and $100 per tire).

Without rotation:
Front replaced 3 times ($600)
Rear replaced 5 times ($1000)
Total: $1600

With rotation every 2.5k miles (so every 5k miles, each tire wears down 2mm):
10mm/2mm*5k = replace tires every 25k miles
Front replaced 4 times ($800)
Rears replaced 4 times ($800)
Total: $1600

Now, there may be some value to having some either the front or rear having more tread at a given time, than running around on near-gone tires on all corners, but cost wise it seems like a toss-up.

Hope this helps.
Wow that was a lot more of answer than I was expecting to get, I had done little research on wear on tires, so this was actually perfect, and it seems like you have answered my question as to whether to go staggered or not then. I appreciate your help, and will look into the general tire (maybe a pun? )