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Originally Posted by fly135 View Post
Okay, I’m not the best at describing these sorts of things but I’ll do my best.

Basically the power curve feels pretty much the same as stock, just raised much more obviously. The power delivery is still very smooth and drivable. Huge amounts of torque from down low in the rpm range and a good rush of power in the mid to upper rpm range. Power slightly tapers off after about 5000-5500rpm but still pulls hard, but this is an expected characteristic of both the N54 & N55 anyway.

The engine feels a lot stronger and much more urgent than stock and the car is a lot more fun to drive, as evident by Typhoons loss of license last week and my recent speeding camera fine.

Throttle response and turbo spool up time seems to have maybe improved slightly as well.

The engine note and turbo noise after throttle lift off seem to be slightly more audible, which is a good thing I think. Or maybe it just sounds a little angrier because everything is happening faster because its hitting redline quicker. Revving through 1st and 2nd gears happens a lot quicker now and with a little snap, crackle and pop on up shifts the car definitely sounds the part, even with a stock exhaust.

So far I am really happy with the way the car drives and I am extremely satisfied with the tune. I have never been in another tuned 135 before so I have nothing to compare to but I can honestly say that anyone who chooses this product will not be disappointed.

Adrian has set 3 maps for me. Map 1 is standard boost (valet mode) which is approx 8 psi from memory. Map 2 is set at 12psi and Map 3 is currently set at 13psi. As my car doesn’t have any other supporting mods, Adrian suggested to just leaving it on Map 2 for now. My next mod will be a DP and when I fit that I might run 13psi which will hopefully yield a few extra horses at the wheels.

All the dash display functions which Adrian has incorporated into the tune are really cool as well. Things such as the fuel meter acting as a boost gauge, oil temp meter acting as a throttle position meter and the dash hazard display lights acting as a shift light (which can be set at any rpm you desire). I love all these little party tricks and they really seem to impress the friends when I have taken them for a ride. Not to mention they are actually useful, especially the boost meter.

To sum it up the car is just so much more enjoyable to drive with all the extra power on tap and as the cliche goes, this is how the car should have come from the factory.
With autotune, my car is hitting about 15psi on WOT 2nd and 3rd gear pulls, is this supposed to be different for the N55? Also, doesn't feel like the power tapers off at all after the Procede, it just keeps climbing until the shift lights start flashing!

The power is definitely a lot more intensive, it's literally 'shit your pants' fast which I still have not fully gotten used to. Switched it back to stock last week just to compare and god damn it feels like a slug on Map 0.

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