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Originally Posted by fly135 View Post
Actually, after driving my car today i noticed that power doesn't really taper off after 5000-5500rpm. What i should of probably said was that power doesn't increase any more, or rather doesn't get any more urgent after reaching this rpm range, unlike some other high revving engines which i have driven in the past. The power band stays flat and linear whilst still pulling all the way to redline.
Originally Posted by Scoobs View Post
Adrian, so for the same map - what is the difference in torque & KW's being achieved in the N54 versus N55.

Given the lower boost on the N55 - and comments from some of the guys above - I am guessing that substantially better gains are being made on the TT N54's.

Be interested in the figures as a comparison.
Either of you guys interested in coming to the drive day this sunday? Would be nice to see some tuned N55's in the mix

I'll need to send you guys PMs with the details if you're interested.

Also Adrian, I find that my PROcede runs much more boost on Map 2 (around 15psi) compared to Map 1 (maxes at about 12psi). I had the impression that they should reach the same level of peak boost with autotuning, but this does not seem to be the case.

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