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Avoid BMW of Alexandria/BMW of Arlington and the Rest of the AV Automotive Group, LLC

Rather than re-write my entire story I'll just post my letter:

November 24, 2010

Mr. Kamal B. Hoummad
BMW of Arlington/BMW of Alexandria
3100 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202

Reference: Recent Purchase of Pre-Owned Honda S2000

Dear Mr. Hoummad:

I am writing to convey my displeasure with your service during my recent purchase of a pre-owned 2006 Honda S2000 (Stock #6S000512; VIN: JHMAPXXXXXXXX0512) October 16, 2010. During our pre-sale negotiations and disclosure you provided me with an accurate CARFAX report for the vehicle which stated the Honda S2000 had been involved in a front end collision while in the operation of the vehicle’s previous owner.

You described to me that this entry on the report was due to the previous owner making a claim with their automobile insurance company regarding a cracked windshield and the subsequent replacement of the vehicle’s windshield. I observed the windshield to be in like-new condition (few to no scratches or pitting in glass) and took your word as the true depiction of the accident. However, that was not the extent of the repairs made to the vehicle. While I am not aware of the full extent of the repairs made at this time, it has come to my attention that both the front bumper and driver’s side front fender have been replaced and/or repaired on the vehicle. Close inspection of the front end of the vehicle shows a slight difference in paint color and the fender and front bumper are missing the original factory VIN stickers.

I took the vehicle to Fairfax Honda, a dealership you informed me was a part of your automotive group, the week following my purchase and asked them to look over the car, perform the scheduled routine maintenance required, and make one minor repair to the center console sliding cover. They did not disclose any problems to me.

While being privy to this information at the time of the sale would not have automatically made me walk-away from the purchase of the vehicle, I certainly would have taken it into consideration in terms of comparing the vehicle to similar cars for sale at other area dealerships and when negotiating a final sales price.

Disclosing this type of information is what makes an honest salesman and dealership. Honesty keeps customers coming back to service their vehicle, to purchase a second and third vehicle, and to recommend your dealership to their family and friends. Unfortunately, due to your inactions and dishonesty in discussing the previous repairs to the vehicle I purchased I will not be able to do any of the above.

Furthermore, I will be discussing my poor experience with your dealership with the multiple internet message boards I am active on including:,,, and in hopes that others in the area will not fall prey to your dishonest sales tactics. I also will be sending a copy of this letter to the Better Business Bureau.

I will be taking the car to an independent service station to have a full pre-purchase inspection to cover the entire vehicle in order to determine if the collision the vehicle was involved in caused any un-repaired damage. If there is damage related to the vehicle I will be contacting BMW Financial Services to determine if they have concerns over the value of the vehicle in which they financed.

I am severely disappointed with your actions and tactics and can only wish you improve the morals of your service.



cc: Mr. Omar Stwodah, BMW of Arlington/BMW of Alexandria
Better Business Bureau of Washington, DC
Anyone have other experiences with them?