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Hi Guys,

Well… the turnout was a little bit disappointing but we all had fun. We got a light dusting last night. That was enough for some to bailout on us. In the end it was just us diehards left to have some fun in the Schweiz. Chris (from the 1er forum) planned out a very nice drive thru the hills and forests of Franconia. There was only a few butt clenching moments. You could say pucker factor. But for the most part the roads were dry and nice and twisty.

KC and Matt came up from K-Town. Thanks for making the long drive up! While we all talked in the parking lot they told me how they both had only summer tires on! And KC had his semi-slick DOT tires! Lol Talk about courage!

Little did we all know what laid in store for us. Chris had planed out a 160 km long drive for us. The roads were great! There is a reason why so many bikers love this area of Germany. We did about two hours of driving around Franconia. Then we stopped in a small Gast Haus for some local cuisine Franconian style.

Just before our late lunch… we drove to a local ruined castle. Schloss Giechburg. It is an old thousand year (or so) ruined castle that sits atop a small mountain over looking Bamberg. Well… the drive up went fine. But then we pulled into the half plowed parkplatz is where the “event” occurred that KC was alluding too. .

We went down to the bottom of the hill, parking area. We all stopped, but Matt slid into the back of my car. It was a very low speed bump – tap. But the damage was done to my back bumper. Not only the bumper but it looks like the valence is also slightly messed up. Grrrrrrrrrt. Ohh well. Not much I can do about it now. I guess the lesson is you NEED snow tires in winter time. Because on snow or ice you just can’t stop. Matt was very nice about it all. I have no hate for him. It is just frustrating affair.

Well… here are my photos of today’s drive. I did have a nice time. I’m looking forward to a nice dry spring day when we can do this tour again. On today’s drive we basically encountered all the pleasures of winter driving!


The start of our drive…

A stop along the way…
Chris’s 120i…

Angels coded for higher voltage and M-Tek 4500K bulbs.

My car…

Matt’s car…

KC’s 400+ HP beast…

Custom hood…

Daniel’s 125i...

Mountain top houses that this area is famous for…

Here was where the “pucker factor” came into play… I don’t know how KC and Matt stayed on the road!

The parking lot where Matt’s car couldn’t stop.

And some more photos of KC’s ride…

Monster DIY intercooler… YEA!

Again… I harbor no ill feelings. I did have fun out driving today. Just wish things would have been different. But so is Life.



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