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I have to point this out... I am sorry in advanced.

"A chassis which is faster than its engine", Oh thank you BMW Marketing corp. If the chassis is faster than the engine, put a faster engine inside...

Yes yes yes, this is about fast handling not fast engines. The spark about having something that is //m should be that it out perform its siblings in the family line up.

That said, when you pull up to a light with a 135i and a //m coupe you want to PULL away from the 135, like the M3 does with the 335i. You don't really want to struggle with a sibling car because this will ultimately make your car feel less special.

Yes you can smoke them in a corner, or on the brakes (as I often do in my POS car on the highways) but you want to be able to dominate in all areas...

Realistically though... 335hp or 345hp... or 350hp... There is really no difference between these figures. 335 and 380 (maybe you will feel a little difference). The closer this car reaches to 400hp though you will most likely be fighting with a lot of rear-traction issues making that yaw control reel you poorly skilled arse in all the time.

... all that said... I still want my moonroof. Nice interior. Great exterior. Cheap looking dials... let's see some Canadian prices. Maybe worth it to by a m3 and tell everyone to smoke these tail pipes.