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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
A lot of what you say contradicts yourself... If you want more power for track use blah blah... then why do you own a 135 and not an M3, or a Mustang GT.. or a Vetter... or.. ?

I can understand a little disappointment about the same motor being offered in the 335 is.
Simple, because at the time (at least around when I ordered my car) my local dealership was also a Dinan dealer and saw the 135i with a few choice Dinan pieces as a better alternative to the M3 in terms of price and performance. When I got a VIN number BMW completely cut ties with Dinan and I now had to wait for BMW to release their own performance parts. Now I'm at the point where BMW hasn't released any newer parts that could improve my performance further. Also I like the size of the 135i over the M3.

You obviously are not getting my point of you and are taking my comments as an attack of some sorts. Maybe if I met you in person you wouldn't come off as such a d'bag and the same goes for me. You got to test drive the car so I can see why you're defensive while I haven't. My posts might be long, but maybe if you read the whole thing you'd see where I'm coming from and understand that I quite like the 1M. I have read every post about the 1M from beginning to current so at least give me the same courtesy. You think this car doesn't need much power, that's awesome for you . . . really. As for me, if I do (and that's if) I will takeover from where BMW leftoff when it comes to engine performance. I have ridden in a 135i with front sway and that alone made a huge difference, I might not know how much better a full overhaul with LSD and some weight loss might feel like, but I have a pretty good idea.

I read your profile and background after your post on the test drive with the 1M so I know you have track experience. That's awesome again because it helps me really believe what you wrote about the 1M and how it made you feel. But tell me what is wrong with wanting a little bit more? I am not saying it needs more, but that I'd like more. You act like I am expecting this thing to have like over 500 HP or something. As some people have brought up, 360-380 HP would have been acceptable number. About this whole paradigm shift in M and its motors, that is all cool, but this is the first time M has half-assed an engine and a lot of people are shocked and you're surprised as to why. You drive an E30 M3 as noted on your avatar, well that engine supposedly took 14 days to make, BMW has had over a year. Personally I would have been happier with a four cylinder version of the S65 even if it only it made 200 HP, was light, and would be rev happy. M is handling, but its also kind of like a silent bragging right in terms of the power and engineering behind their engines. If you can't see that difference then there is no point trying to explain further.

PS-M3Adjuster I am not trying to pick a fight with you or anyone for that matter. We're here because we're interested in someway by this new car and that's awesome. But this is an open forum with a lot of differing opinions and feelings to certain aspects of this car. So take my opinions/comments for what it is worth and don't think much else into it. I haven't test driven this car, which is clearly evident, but I am basing my opinion on what I do know and coming from a 135i with the same engine and a few more mods I think I have some say on how I feel towards the 1M and my car in its current state.

Again if I didn't have my 135i or with the mods on it now, I'd be all for wanting a 1M in my driveway. But I have experienced the power side of things and it was awesome for about a week. You got to test drive the 1M . . . how about living with it for a bit longer than that? Your opinion on the power might change. As BMW stated themselves "they engineered a chassis faster than the engine." How long do you think most people will be satisfied with the current output once they've become accustomed to it. Handling and braking performance is great for a car and that's why I'd like to improve that aspect of my current car more. My car doubles as a daily driver so I don't do so much cornering and braking on my 40 mile roundtrip commute from home to work everyday. It's times like that I would like even more oomph (when the roads are clear of course). When the weekend comes though I abuse the hell out of it on my favorite mountain road and once I replace my wheels with ARC-8s will be returning back to autocross. Would it have been too hard for BMW to make the M button up the boost for that little bit more power everyone wants? The M5/M6 had such an option and it was a difference of 100 HP. I'm only asking for another 30HP, I don't think I'm being too greedy.

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