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Originally Posted by theblackangus View Post
Simply different strokes for different folks.

I've driven the mustang gt, and I would take my 135i every time.

Don't like the stang's ass, and don't like the feel of the steering. (Handles pretty well, but something just doesn't click. I am curious of the Boss 302LS edition, if it was really good I could maybe put up with the butt.)

The 1M is (I hope) more of what I like - handling.

What is it that someone said - All the fun happens between 50 and 120 (mph) anyway.
I understand everyone has their opinions. I love BMWs, Ive driven a E36 and E46 M3 and they are amazing cars and owned the competition and nothing could come close for the money. But now The Mustang GT Handles just as well around a track as the E92 M. And 50-120? How can you beat the instant torque of a V8??

Originally Posted by Kamal View Post
No, most probably have better things to do with their time. Also, its "intents and purposes," not "intensive purposes."

Loving this 1M and I'll probably be scavenging the market for one in a few years if they're around!
Like I said above I love Ms but I always thought the intents of the M models was to be a street legal race that could hold its own with cars costing quite bit more. I read the article about the E36 M3 running with every other sports car offer while costing a fraction of the price. BUT NOW! it looks like the Ms are the one with the hefty price tags with the competition right on its heels.

I always thought the "intents and purposes" of the M models were to be the baddest street legal car you could get. BMW has already brought the M3 away from its roots. I had hope the the 1M would bring them back and replace the over weight over sized M3 as the got all around sports coupe but it doesn't seem to be the case.