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Originally Posted by techthentic View Post
Why do people KEEP saying they'd rather slap on every available performance part on their 135i. I get that makes you feel better about yourself, but come on!
What is it about the monumental difference that a wider track, lsd, vastly superior suspension components and vastly superior brakes has on a car that people don't understand?!
You'd have to dish out HUGE amounts of cash to get the handling of the 135i anywhere close to the 1M!
exactly! it is getting really funny!

thinks like:
  • Virtually all of the front-end components are aluminum, including the front struts, swivel bearings, central subframe and an additional thrust panel below the engine serving to maximize lateral stiffness of the entire front section.
  • At the rear axle, the subframe, transverse arms, track arms, and wheel hubs have been reconfigured by M for ideal kinematics, geometry and stiffness. Virtually every detail on the five-arm rear axle is made of aluminum and is new for this generation of BMW M vehicles, including the aluminum dampers.
  • Both the front and rear axles feature hollow anti-roll bars optimized for their function and weight. Incorporating two additional longitudinal reinforcement bars, axle kinematics are perfectly tailored to the overall street and track character of the car. The result, in terms of both stability and weight, conforms to the balanced performance concept of every BMW M vehicle.
  • 6-speed manual transmission with dry sump cooling system and 3.15:1 final drive ratio
  • Upgraded flywheel for use with high torque
  • Rack-and-pinion steering with hydralic power steering
  • Brakes from M3 featuring internally-vented, cross drilled cast icon discs – 14.2 inch front, 13.8 inch rear. Each disc is connected to a floating aluminum hub by cast-in stainless-steel pins which reduces the thermal loads on the discs, thus increasing their performance and service life.
  • M-LSD

sure, put performance parts on your 135 and it will be the same

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