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DIY changing your BMW wiper blades…

I thought I would put together this little DIY on how to change one's wiper blades. For most of us - the wiper blades are covered under BMW NA’s free maintenance program. But for those of us who bought our cars thru Military Sales or who live outside the USA… we have to pay for services and wear items like wiper blades.

So… here is my little DIY. Maybe this will help someone in the future. IF you follow the pictorial directions on the wiper blade box… you really can not go wrong.

The BMW wiper blades (set, two blades) cost me 28 euros (w/o 19% sales tax and with a “good guy’ discount) at my local BMW dealer/Zentrum.

BMW part number: 61610420549 wisch blatt (wiper blades) 500mm (20 inches) long

The new blades come clipped together so as not to incur damage in transit.

BMW’s directions on the box…

NOTE: do not let the wiper arm slap/spring onto the windshield! Or you WILL break your windshield as many a forum member has found out the hard way.



Pull wiper arm up – be sure NOT to et it fall back onto the glass windshield!!!

Press the side tabs in, then lift or tilt the wiper arm – it pivots at the top of the wiper arm.

Pull or pivot the wiper blade out – the blade pivots at the tip – where it attaches at the arm. See next photo.

See how it pivots…

Now side the wiper blade up, off the tongue of the wiper arm…

That’s it! The wiper blade is free…

Here are some picture of the passenger side being done. I took these without my hands in the photos(way!).

Wiper arm off the windshield…

Side tabs unclipped, and released…

Another look at the tabs unclipped…

Swing the blade out and up - now the blade can pivot outwards…

Now put a new blade on and install it on the wiper arm.

Make sure you hear that tell-tell “CLICK” to make sure the new wiper blade is fully secure on the wiper arm! You are now done.

Hope this helps someone out.

IF you would like to see more photos here is a direct link: