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Originally Posted by Satalite View Post
So in this case if I wanted to upgrade the halos and regular low/high beams to HID/LED what kind of supplies would I need?

I see some halo LED kits for 89$... not sure tho what else I would need.

Also when moving from Halogen to Xenon would there be any other equipment items that I would need with these Xenon's your selling?
The LED kits are all inclusive, all you'd need is included with them, bulbs and ballast. likewise, HID kits like mine from Alpine are all inclusive as well, for 150 bucks from Alpine I got everything I need

The low/high beam D1S bulbs are also plug and play, you just switch them out with the stock ones, or if you want to save money, just buy the bulb and tell the dealership or shop where you're getting it done to install that one.

The headlights as I am selling them contain what is shown here:

As part numbers:


Left and Right Side headlights for vehicles with xenon adaptive headlights

This page, meanwhile, contains all the misc pieces you need to install the headlights, other than the headlights themselves and other than the bulbs.. some of these pieces are included, some are not. the dealership that's gonna install these will either have these on hand or have to order them:

The "vertical aim control" is the adaptive headlight motor i mentioned and is included

various "rubber grommets" and other small pieces and all the wiring is included

the H8 and H3 bulbs are included

the D1S bulb is NOT included, it's listed as 200 bucks here, but if you go aftermarket for a 6000K look you can pick up a pair for 150 bucks and swap them out (which is what i have done and they look GREAT with no yellow at all like the stock headlights are)

the turn signal bulbs are not included but are 20 bucks for the pair

the headlight brackets are not included and are 5 bucks each

and then the big one.. the control unit (one for each side for 400 bucks) i don't think is included unless it's tucked away somewhere in the headlight itself.. but it would NOT be included in the 860 dollar price from the dealership for the headlight assembly when buying it new anyway.

Other than the control unit and the low/highbeam bulb (which you're planning to upgrade anyway), you'd be paying for all the little parts 5 bucks for a cap here, 50 cents for a grommet there.

Still much cheaper than 860 bucks per side new plus all that stuff

Let me know, and thanks!

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