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Originally Posted by 135inc View Post
... I have only had the car in once for Warranty issues, and again for first maintance. Both times I waited for the car. The SA was professional and kept me posted. ...
Actually, my SA was professional, however, my take on their whole operation is that s/he is the PR hit person for all those they pay at lesser salaries or who are just outright incompetent. The SA doesn't even answer his own email, replies get fobbed off to a lower tier. In reality, it seems the SA is merely a shiny little cog in the whole operation.

For example, when I first called Performance about the seatbelt tensioner recall, I was told by the BMW receptionist that I'd have to leave my car for 3 days, with of course, no offer of a loaner. After I pointed out to her it was stated in the BMW recall letter the work would take about 2 hours, I was put on hold, and thereafter told to call next week and schedule as those parts would be in.

When I called back to reschedule, they had the necessary parts, and were able to schedule me a loaner at my insistence but only 2 weeks further out, however, when I showed up, alas no loaner. The SA was righteously indigent, but in the end, even the Kia rental was dirty.

About three weeks later after returning from abroad, I sent an email to the SA re an annual oil change and wanting to deal with the paint they popped off my wheel when they installed the $463 RFT. I got a call from a lower tier person, who when I called twice only connected to a voice mail (and I left a message with contact info), however, I never got a call back to schedule a return visit.

FYI, this was at the end of September 2010.


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