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Originally Posted by BSM 135i View Post
2. for the roundel, what is the stock piece held on by? double sided tape? and how did you get it to adhere to the new trunk? iCarbon told me to not drill the holes for the nipples on the trunk but to instead cut off the nipples and use 3m tape to adhere it. (just want to get a feel how everyone else is doing it)

3. when drilling the extra holes needed, what kind of drill and bit did you use? (for both fiberglass parts and cf)
The nipples/pegs on the back of the roundel are there for quality control and to help make sure the emblem is centered and square (the "M" in "BMW" at 12 o'clock and not at 1 o'clock) when fastened to the trunk. That may have gone without saying, but just to be explicit... Since most would be installing their roundel themselves and will take their time to make sure it is centered and square, I am not sure how useful the pegs would be. So, IMO, it would boil down to whichever was easier -- clipping/grinding off the pegs on the back of the roundel or marking and drilling the appropriate sized holes in the CF trunk.

I have drilled holes in CF before (to attach a custom CF front splitter to my dedicated track car project ) and to do that I used a Carbide drill bit. They can be purchased at your local Mom&Pop hardware store or the Big ones that sponsor NASCAR and the like. The Carbide drill bit looks like a mini spade shovel. The key, IMO, is to make sure you have a decent drill that walks (turns) slowly and not a $9.99 Craftsman special that only has two speeds -- off and full blast! At slow turning (drilling) speed and just the slightest amount of pressure it is amazing IMO that little spade shovel looking Carbide drill bit goes through CF like a hot knife through butter.