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Originally Posted by Knob View Post
I donīt like that tbh..
I don't like that they chose to put the small gap at the top, rather than on the bottom like the OE lights, but other than that, I think they look sweet, particularly when they're off. The whole reason I got involved with this thread is that the way the Depo lights come stock are a pretty poor implementation of the corona rings (the actual BMW name) and they look like an afterthought. What Sam is trying to hook us all up with is certainly a large improvement over that, but I think the CCFL rings take it one step further in terms of making the rings look more integrated and like they're "supposed to be there."

There are only two things bugging me about Sam's mod: the blue tint to the Depo AEs, and the fact that up close, you can see that the AEs are made up of individual LEDs, even when the lights are on. I'm not saying they're deal breakers for me, but to me, those two qualities make the lights look something less than OE in appearance. And, at least for me, I want the lights to look as OE as possible.

Regarding the pic above, what about that don't you like? Other than the ring gaps being at the top of the light, they sure do look almost identical to the latest E9X coupe AEs.