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Hi All,

Happy New Years!!

Just a quick note that I will be offering reduced prices starting today. There is a reduction in the price of the N54 tune, and an introductory price for the N55. As always, my price includes GST and either the install or postage. Many people can testify to the support I offer around the clock as required.

Oh, one other thing. In the USA a lower price enthusiast version is available. I have decided at this time to not offer this low cost version. This may change in future, but for the time being, it is too much overhead for me to manage the handling of unlock codes etc. So at this stage, I will only be selling the Professional full featured versions. I could be convinced otherwise if the demand is there, but most of my customer base I have spoken to have not been interested in losing capability/features to save a couple hundred $$.

So now to the pricing:

* N54 Professional version - Reduced from $1250 to $1150 (inc GST)
* N55 Professional version - Introductory price of $1050 (inc GST)

I have stock currently, and can ship express overnight!!