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Originally Posted by Sarracino89 View Post
Up close, you can see the individual LEDs, but they don't look as singled out (you can't see the gaps between them).
Hope to see you there bballgms. The automatic light setting turns on the either the DRLs or the HIDs with AEs depending on the amount of light outside, so either a low setting of the high beam (1st picture) or the HIDs w/ the AEs. the first is of the DRLs. I am trying to find out with the shop if we can switch the AEs to the DRLs, but I believe that its not possible without another kit, because the stock halogen lights aren't set up to run them like that. I will find out for sure though, and if it is possible, then we will incorporate that, if not, it doesn't really bother me, if I want them lit up during the day, I just switch over to the last position which turns on the HIDs w/ AEs no matter how light or dark it is outside. Let me know if there are any other questions to be answered. Hope everyone is making it over Wednesday hump day.
We might be able to do a makeshift workaround to get the AEs to function as DRLs. Stop me if what I'm saying doesn't make sense...

Aftermarket AEs are popular among the E46 crowd. One method they hook the AEs up is from the ECU so that they're always on. You unlock the car, the AEs come on and they stay on until you turn the ignition off and lock the car. This has me thinking that, through the use of a relay, we may be able to artificially create DRLs with the AEs, it just takes a little of outside the box thinking. Here's where I'm going with this.

And forgive me if I'm going about this all wrong because one thing I am not is an electrical engineer, though if I was able to draw this out for you guys, I could probably explain it better. Basically, we want two positive connections on the relay so I think we would use a single pole double throw relay. Basically, the ECU "always on" connection is affixed to the "normal" side of the relay. This means that whenever the ECU "always on" wire has a current going through it, the relay is pulling +12v directly from the battery. When the relay coil is energized from a trigger wire (via a tap on one of the headlight wires or similar), the current would flow not from the battery-direct connection, but rather through the normal headlight wiring. This basically gives you two power scenarios for the AEs; one-parking lights off, two-parking lights on. This should also give you two light output levels for the AEs because I believe when they are connected through the headlight wiring (as they would be if no modifications were made) they aren't receiving the full +12v but rather a reduced voltage.

My logic and/or thinking could be way off here, but I'm trying to figure out a way for us to use the AEs as both DRLs and parking lights, as they are on the OE xenon headlights.