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Originally Posted by MonacoMurphy View Post
how many people are participating in the GB? only two on the first post almost a year ago....
The first post was created a year ago, but the post has been completely updated numerous times including yesterday to keep the newest/most relevant data at the beginning of the thread. Yesterday we lowered the tier level requirement for higher discounts. Those two members names were only added recently.

There is no minimum member requirement to reach the 1st tier discount. Even if a single person were to sign up, the first member will receive $100 off plus free shipping* (48 mainland states for $75 off international, non-mainland shipping cost).

People have been slow to sign up as we are unable to post photos of the other 3 finishes since they are still in production. People with an imagination, who don't need a photo of the other finishes (which are identical to the ARC-8 wheel except for gloss black) can save by joining this Group Buy. Once the Group Buy closes and the wheels are here, there will be no savings.