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Originally Posted by maxnix View Post
Whatever floats your boat, oh wise one!

Ever thought of breaking your bike down and throwing it in back? Guess not!
Who are you to judge how others seek their enjoyment?

I enjoy driving, I enjoy riding & racing my mountain bike and I enjoy spending time with my kids. A 1M will likely be one of the most fun cars to drive with a back seat. That back seat will regulalry be filled by two child seats and my mountain bike will regulalry be dirty. The extra 20 minutes before and after each ride I'd need to pull/replace the child seats, break down my bike (it has a Lefty fork & therefore does not have a quick release) as well as the extra time I'd need to clean the car after hauling my bike is all time I could spend driving, riding or playing with my kids if I used a trailer hitch for a hitch-mounted bike rack.
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