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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
On the Canons there is the option for jpeg and RAW....I just set it and forget it usually. Going to get a 550D in a couple of months as well as new glass (f2.8 FTW finally)....
I like the button, that way you don't take up the whole memory card with 2 images of everything unless you are taking a picture you'll know you want to edit strongly. that's just my style. then again, i took about 7000 pictures over 1 month, so for the room i save not doing everything in raw as well, it's worth it in my opinion. If I edited every picture i ever took, i'd definitly shoot raw.

which 2.8 lens are you looking at? I have the 16-35mm 2.8 and the 24-70mm 2.8, both are very sharp. Still learning my way around the 16-35, but so far i'm happy, and the 24-70 is on my one camera about 90% of the time. and i've never second guessed it.

Canon is supposed to be coming out with a new version of the 24-70 sometime soon, i don't know if it will retain the 2.8 status, but it will get image stabilization, and will definitely be something I'll consider, though it will be hard to replace my current one knowing how sharp it is already.