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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
good stuff That was what I was thinking after doing my research the last few days. Since I am here in Iraq right now I have had plenty of time to read a LOT of stuff....the photo challenge (Silhouettes) is intriguing,
Definitely. My shot is crap, but shows you what you can do from 3 feet away with a wide angle.

My 16-35mm on my full frame camera will let me stand about 3' away from someone and get their entire body in the shot and be sharp as a needle. I have a 70-200 F4 with the image stabilizer, I barely use it and it's an incredible lens. just the functionality of the telephotos is very limited. And from what i've seen and heard, you'll be very happy with the 550D I know someone who makes 20$ per picture with one at horse shows. and everyone hates her, but are still willing to pay her for the shots. And she's using kit lenses.

One more thing to consider.... Buy a half decent printer. a full high definition television is equal to about 3 megapixels. an 18mp camera is 6 times more detailed. if something doesn't look right on your monitor, print it before getting ahead of yourself and just deleting a pic.

I pointed this out to my friend the other day who shot a picture at 3200 ISO (really really grainy) and i printed it on a 4x6 inch page for him and he was astonished at how crisp and clean it printed. He's now not afraid to shoot higher ISO. Just don't rely on the monitor, or you'll end up spending fortunes trying to get perfection.