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Originally Posted by 1080eyes View Post
I bought a 128i vert in Sept. 08.
The service from this dealer is awful. I'll list a few incidents that has happen to me and two other BMW owners.
First time my wife took the car in on a Saturday for a small item (forgot what it was) She was suppose to get a loaner. They had no idea what she was talking about in regards to the loaner. So she and the daughter sat at the dealer for 4 hours for a 20 minute repair.
The next time she took the car in was for the first oil change. The car came back with water spots all over the car. I could get the spots off the paint but not off the silver trim. During the time she was at the dealer my wife saw them drive the the 128 back to the garage from somewhere outside the dealer.Probably took it to a car wash. Two weeks later I had to take the car back, for them to remove the spots. (200 mile round trip) Of course they denied that they caused the water spots.
My boss who has a 335i bought it from a dealer in Atlanta area. At the same time he bought bought a tire protection plan.
A few months later he had a tire blow out, BMW arranged for his car to be towed and serviced at the Montgomery dealer. After the tire was replaced the dealer would not honer the tire protection plan. So he had to pay $500 to get his car form the dealer. He did get his money back from the dealer he got the car from.

Another guy I work with (Z4) took his car in for a oil change. 4 hours later, he thought he saw his car being driven into the dealers lot with two guys in the car. So when he pick the car up he noticed that the interior was a mess, dirt on the floor mat and papers all over the place. He keeps his car spotless. Of course they denied it.

His wife another time went in for service, and arranged for a loaner. She noticed that the loaner was a private car, it had normal plates, not dealer plates. With private items in the car. Make you wonder!
I have found out since, that the owner of the Taco Bells in Montgomery also owns this BMW.
I have since and from now on, will take my car to Tallahassee BMW
Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me at all. A friend of mine used to work for a Mercedes dealership in Dallas and he used to brag about how he ragged on the cars all the time.
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