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FS: A bunch of stuff that's cluttering my house (car and non-car related)

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I have a bunch of stuff that I have lying around. Either I tried to sell it before and it hasn't been sold, or I just feel like having less clutter around the house. I don't wanna keep bumping my old threads and spamming the board here, so I'll just include everything I'm currently selling in this one post..

Also, instead of cluttering up the FS section with more posts as I find more stuff to sell, I'll just update with more stuff here. My house is a freakin' mess.

Prices are negotiable to a reasonable extent


Fmxomar splitters. See post below for pics. sold

OEM xenon headlights- BOTH SOLD

OEM Passenger side tail light. Perfect condition. Includes turn turn signal bulb, brake light bulbs, and probably the bulbs that light up the regular horizontal stripe lights but I can't really tell what's lighting them up, I'm just seeing like 5 bulbs in the housing. $100 + shipping

H8 Bulbs - GP Thunder 7500K (pure white) perfect condition, MTEC 3300K Super Yellow bulbs perfect condition, Xenesis JDM yellow (equivalent of 2800-3000ish K), stock bulbs. 25 bucks shipped, xenesis bulbs are SOLD

OEM H3 bulbs - perfect condition, on the car less than 100 miles. 20 bucks shipped.

McGard Wheel Locks - SOLD

Mattig Eyelids - SOLD

K2 rollerblades - size 12. I don't even know how to rollerblade. I used these once, several years ago and decided I needed short-shorts and a headband to pull the look off, and it wasn't for me. They've been cluttering my closet ever since. New, i don't know what I paid but K2 skates start at 100 bucks up to 200+. 40 bucks shipped.

Digitech X-Series Multi Chorus guitar pedal - good condition. A little dusty, but it works great (I'll double check too). Served me well while I was still in a band. Sold my other pedals to my old bandmate, but he already had a chorus pedal. New it's 80 bucks, I'm selling for 50 bucks shipped.

Sharper Image Executive Six in One Game set - brand new, sealed. Comes in a metal briefcase. All the game pieces and cards are still sealed in plastic. This is HIGH quality, it weights 13 freakin' pounds. Chess, checkers, cribbage, backgammon, poker, dice, dominoes. It looks really sharp, and I bought it for over 120 bucks because it looks so awesome and is really so high quality, but I don't even play these games with anyone so it's taking up space. 100 bucks shipped.

Local pickup only: a bunch of microphone stands. Good if you ever need to hold up a microphone. Some use a weighted base, some use a tripod base. Some are boom stand style, some are straight. I have about 4 or 5 of these I think. If you're interested in any of these just PM me since they're different styles. All 20 bucks or less each.


Thanks for your time

coming soon for sale: BMS DCI, fmxomar splitters (in picture with angel eyes), unopened warranty box for ipod/iphone (yes you have to PAY 99 dollars for a warranty on your phone/ipod), old Time magazines from WWII, a PSP, guitars, OEM exhaust, who knows what else. let me know if there's any interest in those and I might consider selling.


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