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Originally Posted by slowrider View Post
Yes, I did. I picked it up on the 14th and I guess it had just recently been turned in. I really had no intention of buying a CPO, but this one caught my eye (condition and option list were nearly perfect). They did mention that the rear rim was slightly rashed and they tried to repair it as well, but damaged the rim further. They ended up getting me a new rim (which my wife then rashed two days later 3 minutes into her first drive). Sorry....

I'll consider it...thanks.

I had a 2000 328i w/M Sport Package that I loved. In 2004, I "upgraded" to an '04 330xi that didnt have the sport package. Getting this car was basically correcting that mistake.
hmm, interesting...they never mentioned the wheel to me at lease turn in. From my repair,
you almost had to get down to eye level to really notice it as it was only about 1-2 inches long,
basically a bump into the curb. I wonder how they could've made it "worse" when it's a simple fix
if you're willing to spray the whole wheel over (which I didn't do)

at any rate, if you have questions, let me know. I had the usual fuelpump failure at 1700 miles,
and was getting long cranks again toward the end of my lease. I'm sure they updated the software
which probably helped with that. Also, I had an annoying creak/rattle in the back that was fixed by
replacing the hinges on the tonneau cover (the labels are still on there). I wonder if they replaced the tires,
the rears had about 50% tread left.

Here's the replacement:
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