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Most interesting Roadster

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Originally Posted by slowrider View Post
I would be interested. I dont think I have PM power yet (lacking min # of posts) since I'm just a message board lurker at heart...

BTW - would you have ever driven the car on a day like today? Up in NH, its a frostheave/pothole/salt fest and every instinct tells me to take the daily driver, but I couldnt help myself.
When I first got it (and admittedly, when it still had novelty) I would drive it as long as it was dry out. Salty and sandy roads weren't that big a deal to me, and you're correct to watch the potholes. However, the days I took it out in those type conditions I could probably count on one hand.

After I had it for a while I'd pretty much just leave it in the garage during the cold weather. It never saw falling snow, with those summer tires I'd go nowhere if there was snow on the ground!
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