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now selling my splitters from fmxomar. they mount into the stock scrape guard screw holes using the screws that are already there. They also function great in place of the scrape guard (as you can see by the picture of the bottom of them, they saved my bumper from scrapes quite a few times). they fit into either the stock 135i bumper or the performance aero bumper. i'm selling just because i'm not really a big fan of how they line up with the lines of the aero bumper, but that's just me.

the bottom is kinda scratched up, but the top is flawless except for a little built up dirt that i'll wash off. however, there are two very small imperfections on the edge of the top surfaces that you can see in the following pictures.

new they were like 100 bucks i think. ive seen them sell on here used for 85, 75 bucks. considering these are slightly damaged i'll sell for 60 shipped in the US..




pictures on the car here:

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