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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I don't see how a company like Merc with virtually zero manual transmissions to offer can be anything like BMW.
where i was going with this is BMW is getting bigger, heavier, softer, paying more attention to ride and interior details than ever before. Becoming more luxury than sport sedan/coupe (while the new cars are more capable, they don't 'feel' it).

on the other hand, the big fluffy mercedes, dealing only on stately looks and fancy interiors and a soft cushy ride has now gotten some edgy styling, more sport tuned ride, and offers the AMG division of products.

Same is true of audi, once the bargain brand, good car, with a volkswagon interior that sold on the premise...hey we're just about as nice as a bmw inside, offer a decent drive and ride balance and do it cheaper...they abandoned that added price and sophistication and have taken on mercedes for interior quality (and probably surpassed it) and continues to add rear wheel bias to it's quattro to impinge on the sport side of BMW.

While i agree the BMW in rwd form is still the best driver of the bunch (why i have it), it's only by a little bit now, where they've lost some edge, picked up some luxury, and other brands have done the opposite.
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