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Berk Technology BWM 135i Full Race Exhaust System REVIEW

Hey All,

Here's a review of my recently installed BERK Full Race Exhaust
just like the website said, it is not street recommended. But if you live where I live where there isnt any restriction on anything, why the hell not
plus, it scares away millions of scooters on the road

Car is : 135i N55 DCT '11
Mod in the car:
  1. BMS JB3 Stage 1
  2. HPA Drop In Air Filter
  3. AR Design Downpipe

Those are the relevant mods, suspension mod is another story.

before I install Berk Full Race exhaust, the car has "french horn" when WOT. I dont mind that but some people find it funny.

Installation took around 1 hour. Also, it was very simple to install, no glitch at all. Fitment wise was also no fault. True bolt-on, plug and play.
Just remember to use all the parts Berk gave you, if you are not using all the parts, it might cause rattling.

After the install I fired up the car and it sounded like an angry turbo car
Cold start just sounded so angry and loud. After it settles, the car sounded normal, just a tad louder than stock.
But when you WOT its another world. My mate described it like an F16 as I passed him on the highway.
Simply superb sound
Just as advertised, very easy to hear what the car is trying to say.
Also, it could be just me but it feels like the lag is gone.
7th gear doing 120km/h and it pulls like in 5th gear.

O yea, thanks to Bryan for helping me out with the installation
Great service from Berk Technology

Pics of the installation and the fitment.
The black rubber at the rear hanger is the one you need to replace so that it wont rattles.

Inside the car

Outside the car

Will do another video while driving later.