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Originally Posted by DriveHard View Post
I thought it would be nice to have one place where we can all see local events for us to plan to go to.. Of course not everyone can make it everytime, but at lease we can try to make plans.

Please note check dates with the actual organizers, as dates can change. There are diffent rules / classes / car prep / fees etc etc etc for all events, so make sure you do your homework.

Personally I Time Trial more than anything, but i always have an itch for a nice cheap, close auto-x to have fun at. I time trial with EMRA ( they are the cheapest, but very good guys) and plan on going to 4 to 5 of there events..

Auto Cross Dates


4/9 Sat SCCA NJ Meadowlands
4/10 Sun PCA Tobay Beach
4/16 Sat PCA Nassau Coliseum
4/16 Sat SCCA NJ Meadowlands
4/17 Sun SCCA Nassau Coliseum (tentative)
4/23 Sat SCCA NJ Meadowlands
5/14 Sat BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
5/14 Sat SCCA NJ Meadowlands
5/15 Sun PCA Nassau Coliseum
5/28 Sat SCCA Nassau Coliseum
6/12 Sun PCA Nassau Coliseum
6/18 Sat BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
6/19 Sun SCCA NJ Meadowlands
6/25 Sat SCCA Nassau Coliseum
6/26 Sun BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
7/17 Sun SCCA NJ Meadowlands
8/6 Sat BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
8/6 Sat SCCA NJ Meadowlands
8/6 Sat SCCA Nassau Coliseum
8/20 Sat BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
9/3 Sat BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
9/10 Sat BMWCCA Nassau Coliseum
9/17 Sat SCCA Nassau Coliseum
10/1 Sat SCCA Nassau Coliseum
10/15 Sat SCCA Nassau Coliseum

Time Trial / HPDE / Races / Schools

4/3 Sun Raceway Park Englishtown / Road Course Time Trial School
4/15-4/17 Fri-Sat-Sun NASA NJMP - Lighting Course hpde & race & comp school
4/16 Sat EMRA Lime Rock Park Time Trial
5/2-5/3 Mon-Tues NASA Watkin's Glen hpde & instructors
5/21-5/22 Sat-Sun EMRA Beaver Run Time Trial
6/6 Mon NASA Lime Rock Park hpde
7/15-7/17 Fri-Sat_Sun NASA Pocono - Long Course hpde & race
7/23 Sat EMRA Lime Rock Park Race / TT practice
7/30-7/31 Sat-Sun EMRA NJMP - Lighting Course Time Trial
8/5-8/7 Fri-Sat-Sun NASA NJMP - Lighting Course hpde & race
8/27 Sat EMRA Lime Rock Park Time Trial
9/3-9/4 Sat-Sun NASA Pocono - / Long Course hpde & race
9/3-9/4 Sat-Sun EMRA NJMP - Lighting Course Time Trial
9/30-10/1 Fri-Sat NASA Watkin's Glen hpde & race
10/1-10/2 Sat-Sun EMRA Pocono - North Course Time Trial
10/28-10/30 Fri-Sat-Sun NASA NJMP - Thunderbolt hpde & race
11/12-11/13 Sat-Sun EMRA Summit Point - Main Course Time Trial


EMRA Eastern Motorsports Racing Association
SCCA Sports Car Club Of America
PCA Porsche Club of America
NASA North Amrican Sports car Association
Plenty to choose from. I am hoping to do at least 1 a month starting with Watkins in May.