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Arrow My new Michelin PS3’s 225’s & 255’s…

Hi Guys,

Well… I needed to replace my run flats and I really did not know what to get. At first I thought those Conti DW’s looked good and the price seemed decent. But then I started to read some negative posts about the soft sidewalls and poor steering response. I know a lot of the 1er German guys run Hancooks – but I have heard they don’t really have that much traction (dry or wet) – so they were out too.

One thing I really loved about the RSC (run flat) Dunlap’s was their sharp turn in and steering response. After some more research I ended up deciding on not skimping with my tire choice. By all accounts Michelin’s PS2’s are one of THE best tires out there for our cars. I think there IS a reason why BMW and Porsche choose this tire as OE. When I checked with my local tire dealer… they told me that Michelin now has the PS3’s which have replaced the PS2. PS3’s it would be!

I was seriously considering getting the Conti Sport Contact-3 tires… but the Michelin’s were only 50 euros more for a set of four. So… I went with Michelin PS3’s.

I also decided to go with the 225/255 wider meats.

225/40ZR18 94Y
255/35ZR18 92Y

When I asked the BMW Zentrum about those sizes, they replied a big NEIN! When I asked my tire dealer… he said to go with 225/245’s. Because when he looked up the rear tires it says only to go with a 245 on 8.5 wide wheels. But I decided to listen to all the great posts here and trust my fellow 1addicts! I am glad I did!

The guy at the tire dealer was asking me what kind of five series I had… when I told him I had a 1er he did not believe me at first! I think I am the first guy to mount such wide meats on a 1er over here. Especially since TUV would not approve of such large tires on OEM wheel widths. But everything worked and I don’t have to worry about any stinking TUV! Since I have cover plates.

My tire shop included a free 4 wheel alignment check. The front settings were dead on but my right rear toe was out of spec. Perhaps this was why my car was also so squirrely at high speeds. When I would travel over bumps or dips about 120 mph to 155 mph it felt like the front toe was changing. Now this feeling is 90% gone. I think this is due more to the larger tires than the right rear toe being off.

I got my PS3’s mounted last week. Since then I have driven some 1,500 kms. This weekend I drove to Essen (450 kms each way) to go to the Techno Classica car show. It was a perfect opportunity to break the new tires in.

When I first got the tires… They felt really smooth. They ride much smoother than run flats do. The best way I can describe it, is that the run flats feel like they are made out of very hard rubber. Almost like the run flats are not round but square. While the PS3’s feel like good sticky tires should, sporty, direct and compliant over bumps. Just like everyone has said here… the difference between run flats and non run flats – is night and day. Gone is the bouncy hopping ride with run flats. When I travel over a small dip in the road – I don’t feel the DTC kicking in anymore. Now the car feels much more comfortable to drive over bumps and small dips in the road surface. I am happy with the PS3’s.

I do miss the run flats high speed turn in response though. But the PS3’s are darn close in (steering, turn in) performance. And in all other performance aspects the Michelin’s are such a better performance tire. Heads and shoulders above the OE Dunlap’s.

Those first few hundred kilometers had me wondering IF I had made a mistake. Because it took the Michelin’s about 400 kms before they felt “good”. Braking and cornering was kind of scary at first. Literally the first 10 kms on the Autobahn I came upon a Ferrari Testarossa with dealer plates on who wanted to race me. It took all my restraint to not race him. lol But really after about 300 or 400 kms the Michelin’s really came into their own. I drove very fast and confidently on the way back from Essen.

One plus is that the larger tire size has seemed to give me a 3 kph higher top speed. lol Now my car does 243 on my GPS where before it would only do 240 kph. Not a big deal. The larger tires seem to work better at high speeds too. I don’t have that toe change when I travel over bumps at warp 8 speeds.

I also really like the way the larger tires fill the wheel wells. It gives my car a meaner look/stance.

All and all I am very happy with these tires. Put simply the PS3’s I think are one of the best tires out on the market today. I did get two nice surprises when I purchased my tires. Seems Michelin is giving a free tire guaranty AND 30 euros mail in rebate. The 30 euros is for free gas. My check is in the mail so to speak! lol

Ok, here are some photos…


Special delivery… noop! This wasn’t the tire(!) I ordered. lol

Reifen-Wagner in BA…

Four wheel alignment rack...

A nice reminder to check your wheel bolts in 50 kms.

Thread profile of the PS3’s…

New PS3’s - 225’s and 255’s mounted on the car…

Tire sizes…


Dackel's replacement of rear suspension OE bushings with M3 ones…