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Both are made pretty bullet proof. I've used both. The 1er has the Vorschlag V2 version.. their latest. I have no personal experience with the TCK 1er camber plates, but have them on my other bimmer.

The Vorschlag plates on the 1er work well, but introduce noise, over time, and the stack is not quite tall enough, to the upper spring seat rubs on the back of the camber plate in travel. I've emailed pictures of this to Vorschlag last year. They still sell the same design. This would not be an issue if I were to run coilovers. I do not, and run Koni Yellows w/H&R springs.

I would try the TCK ones, unless you are using coilovers, and then I wouldn't hesitate on the Vorschlag set. Both are easily adjustable and pretty bulletproof.