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So far I have experience with 2 camber plates:
- Dinan
- Vorshlaq

I used the Dinan for about 6 months and there were no issues. The camber just wasn't aggressive enough for autox (somewhere around 1.5 deg).

Just installed the Vorshlaq camber plates this last weekend with the Dinan suspension (stock size springs, koni struts) and while the process is a pain to install them, it was pretty straight forward. So far I've had no noise from the plates, but I can see how some would. You need to re-use the stock rubber protector ring at the top of the springs, that way there's no metal on metal contact. If you leave out the rubber ring you'll have metal on metal rubbing and probably noise.

So far, I would definitely recommend using the vorshlaq's. You can move the strut the full play within the upper strut mount, which gives you max negative camber without modifying the chassis.