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Originally Posted by goeslikeschnell View Post
What do you mean?

Everybody with N55 was fearful at first that they wouldn't be able to make as much power as the N54 guys... boy was everyone wrong..

N55 is a torque BEAST!!!!!!
Yea this is pretty much where I was coming from. After reading the numerous posts from N54 talking quite a bit of shit on the N55 I was pretty worried about my decision on buying the 2011. I am honestly quite pissed at most of those people for talking so much shit without really knowing anything. Here are just a couple of examples.

Originally Posted by dh58 View Post
stock.. n55 is better because it comes with the dct and a few improvements..

modded.. n54 because it has better potential..
Originally Posted by Timberwolf View Post
Um I hear that the N55 was a cost cutting measure. It also apparently doesn't have the forged internals that the N54 has. Nuf said if you ask me.
Originally Posted by Impervious View Post
Looks like you answered your own question. I may be wrong but the way I understand it is, the N54 has more potential than the N55. The move to the N55 was prompted more by the need for better fuel efficiency than anything else.

Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
BMW evolved the N55 to be a 'greener' power plant. Less pollution and better mileage were the goals.
On top of that there has been so many posts about how the N54 is better because it is in the 1M. So yea I personally am glad to see in the first 6 months of research the N55 is getting pretty close to the numbers coming out of the N54 after 3 years worth of tuning research.

Funny enough after doing research non of the above posts are true...and in fact the reason why the 1M has the N54 motor in it is because at the time the M division started fine tuning the 135 for the 1M the N55 had not even been developed yet.
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