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Originally Posted by Aries932 View Post
You are sadly mistaken...BMW would not talk about tuning potential of one of their cars and never has. In fact BMW has gone to great lengths and spent a lot of money to make sure that their cars are not able to be tuned.

Yes you are correct they were looking for more fuel efficiency and less emissions, but no where did they state that it had less tuning potential. The only people talking about tuning potential where referencing the fact that BMW stated it had tune proof DME.

Next you are incorrect for the fact that it does not have similar tuning potential...the N55 has only 6 months or so of tuning research and already it has caught up to the N54 in terms of tuning potential running less psi 1 - 2 less psi. Give it 2 1/2 years of more research and I promise you it will be at the same point as the N54 if not better.

Oh and the simple fact that you referenced Wiki just shows how bad the sources of your information are.
The earler statement you said I was wrong about only stated that the new engine was developed for improved emissions and increased mileage. Which you now say they same thing you accused me being wrong about! They tuning issue just so happened to be part of the excerpt I quoted and has no bearing on what you said I was wrong about to begin with!