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Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
You cant wiggle out of and you know your wrong period!
My statement that you quoted says exactly what you said in post #118. You're not man enough to admit when your wrong. The proof is right above in B&W.

And I stand by my other quote as well, as far as the forged crank goes. If you also think that they used "surplus" engines to get rid of inventory you are as naive as you are not man enough to admit you were dead wrong.
I am kind of over these back and forths...they seem to ruin threads so this will be my last response to you...but the whole point of me posting is basically stating that people like you underestimated the N55.

I stated that you were wrong to say that the N55 was a weaker engine because BMW's main focus was on fuel efficiency and improved emissions...this you were wrong about proving now that the N55 actually has very similar tuning potential to the N54.

BMW's main focus with the N20 was on fuel efficiency and improved emissions, but somehow the engine came out with more power as well...funny how that works that they can come out with a new engine with their focus on similar things and have it perform much better. Just because they have a focus on certain aspects does not mean they slack off in the other aspects. If they did it would not be called a BMW.

As far as the surplus of engines I never said that and think that statement is ridiculous. The reason they used the N54 in the 1M was not because it was a better engine. That statement is even more ridiculous (keep in mind this is something that you stated).

The reason why they used the N54 in the 1M is that it usually takes the M division 3-5 years of research and development to come out with their M car. So basically the only engine at the time of them starting development was the N54...the N55 was still in production. So the M division did not have a choice between the engines because the N55 was still under development. It is pretty obvious when you this into account why the N54 is in the 1M.
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