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Bob Smith BMW Calabasas Ca, Horrible Stay Away

I was dealing with Chris Marino Internet Manager at Bob Smith BMW in Calabasas Looking at new BMWs and Minis. I was trading in BMW with only 1600 miles and I like to get figures for the trade first so Chris Marino gave his best trade in figure and it was about $3000.00 less than I wanted but then he to told me to hold on a minute and then he told yes I can give you trade in amount you want. A little skeptical I said, you just gave me a lower price and now you can give me 3K more, yes he says. I then said OK no games. He said of course not.

So I go out and look at different cars, tests drives find the one I want go back to his office and this guy tried pull fast one. I told him early on that I had my own financing and just give me the out the door price. Chris asked what my interest rate is. 2.9% I reply for 72 month if I want. Great he says I will give you your monthly payment I tell him can you just give me the out the door price and I can figure it out myself as my payment will be $15.15 per thousand financed. He tells me my payment with the equity in the trade will be $626.00 a month. I come back with no way that is about twice what the payment should be.

What are you figures I ask and all I get back from him is your payment will be $626.00 and oh, I will need $2,500.00 cash from you. What I say to him give me the breakdown on the deal as I am ready to walk out. He tells me that my trade in is not the amount I wanted but original amount and the $2,500.00 cash he wants will make up the difference plus the discount on the new car and now with all of that I am getting the trade in amount I wanted.

Sure, this guy must think I am some kind of idiot. I told Chris Marino that he is liar and I walked out. I sent a email to the owner of dealership Catherine Smith to tell her what I think of there sales staff and to my surprise I got reply right away and she was very concerned about my experience and wanted help me out. Well, I talked to her over the phone I while she apologized for my experience at her dealership she excused the situation as big misunderstanding and she is just as bad as Chris Marino. Stay away from this dealer.