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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I don't see how a company like Merc with virtually zero manual transmissions to offer can be anything like BMW.

I get a 328xi every time my car is in for service and I definitely don't enjoy driving it but it's better than nothing. I don't think anyone is upset that they were loaned a 328 while their car is getting serviced, it's a critique of the car - not the loaner program. The car does feel more planted to the ground in the turns compared to my stock 135 but the power is frustratingly absent. The AWD also drags heavily on performance as it feels like the little engine that could when trying to overtake on the highway. Standard leatherette seats are also quite uncomfortable. Is it a fine automobile? Sure... but it's not the car for most of us on this forum as we're the enthusiasts, not the masses.

I don't think anybody is complaining that they get the 328 as a loaner. It's just a comparison/review opinion. I did the same thing not long ago and got flamed as a 328i hater.
My only issue with the 328 is that it just does not fit at all with BMW's "Ultimate Driving" image, or even the lame "Joy" one. There is no joy in that car. It's just like driving an Altima or a Malibu.